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Florida Supreme Court Issues Important First Party Insurance Claim Ruling Approving Concurring Cause Doctrine

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

The Florida Supreme Court has recently issued an important First Party Insurance Claim ruling approving the Concurrent Cause Doctrine where when two or more perils converge to cause a loss and at least one of the perils is excluded from an insurance policy, if no single cause can be considered the sole or proximate… Read More »

The Legal Validity Of Electronic Contracts

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

A signed written contract is extremely important in business dealings, especially if a dispute arises later about what the parties meant when they entered into an agreement.  In fact, if some transactions are not in a written form, they are not given legal effect, and a business can lose a lot of money for… Read More »

Considerations For Food Truck Operations

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

Food trucks are a great way to start a small food business that can either grow to expand to additional food trucks or to a traditional brick and mortar restaurant at a later date. Once a business owner decides to operate a food truck, he should make sure he chooses something he knows from… Read More »

Self-Dealing and The Duty of Loyalty

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

If your business is registered as a corporation, one of the requirements is to have a board of directors.  A board of directors is comprised of a group of people who oversee the activities of a company.  The board of directors usually owes certain fiduciary duties to the company, such as the duty of… Read More »

Assignment Of Rents And Commercial Mortgages

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

Commercial mortgages can be subject to foreclosure when the borrower defaults on the mortgage, similar to residential properties.  However, with commercial mortgages, the mortgage lender may include conditions in the loan agreement that may later be utilized to recoup the balance owed in the event of a default. One such condition is an assignment… Read More »

Copyrighted Works And Fair Use

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

Most businesses often have to use creative material from other people or businesses for advertising, presentations, and other uses related to their business.  Using the entirety of a person’s original creative material could land a business in some legal trouble if it is done without permission from the creator or the person holding the… Read More »

Premises Liability Concerns For Florida Businesses

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

When you own a restaurant, hotel, or guest house, one of your risk management concerns should be premises liability.  How much liability your business is exposed to as a result of an injury suffered by a guest could influence how much insurance your business secures, and can influence the policies and procedures you institute… Read More »

Trademark Dilution

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

The use of a name or symbol to identify your goods or services can be a good way to market your business in a memorable way.  When the right name or image is found, a business may choose to trademark its name or symbol to ensure that no other businesses or individuals can use… Read More »

Legal Considerations When Crowdfunding

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

Crowdfunding has become a common way for people to solicit funds for various reasons, from paying student loans to buying real estate for commercial purposes.  Because of its popularity and potential for raising a large amount of money, some small business owners consider crowdfunding as a way to raise operating capital.  While this may… Read More »

Liability From Serving Alcohol

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

Running a restaurant or bar is not always easy, even for people with years of experience.  There are multiple issues to juggle to ensure that your business stays afloat, the least of which is watching out for legal liability risks.  One area of liability that may not be anticipated by some businesses seeking to… Read More »

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