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Considerations For Food Truck Operations

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

Food trucks are a great way to start a small food business that can either grow to expand to additional food trucks or to a traditional brick and mortar restaurant at a later date. Once a business owner decides to operate a food truck, he should make sure he chooses something he knows from… Read More »

Trademark Dilution

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

The use of a name or symbol to identify your goods or services can be a good way to market your business in a memorable way.  When the right name or image is found, a business may choose to trademark its name or symbol to ensure that no other businesses or individuals can use… Read More »

Legal Considerations When Crowdfunding

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

Crowdfunding has become a common way for people to solicit funds for various reasons, from paying student loans to buying real estate for commercial purposes.  Because of its popularity and potential for raising a large amount of money, some small business owners consider crowdfunding as a way to raise operating capital.  While this may… Read More »

Basic Considerations When Hiring A Foreign Worker

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

Small businesses may from time to time need to hire a specific employee who may not be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and who may require special employment processing to ensure that the business is in compliance with federal law in terms of hiring a foreign worker.  Generally speaking, if the candidate has… Read More »

Music Distribution And Copyright Licenses

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

Copyright law protects a person’s original creative work by giving the person different rights to control and allow others to use his work.  These rights, for example the right of reproduction or the right to publicly display the copyrighted work, are sometimes referred to as a bundle of rights.  A copyright owner can allow… Read More »

Keeping The Customer Happy

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

A small business’ relationship with its customers can sometimes make or break the small business.  Word of mouth, internet reviews, and reports to a regulating board can positively or negatively affect a business tremendously today, and small businesses should be careful about preserving a good image.  While the old saying “the customer is always… Read More »

Employer Liability For Employee Actions

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

One aspect of business ownership that is sometimes forgotten when a small business owner goes into business for himself is that the business can become legally responsible for some of the actions of his employees.  This liability can potentially cost the business a lot of money later on depending on the employee’s actions, and… Read More »

Using A Celebrity In Advertising

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

Endorsements by celebrities can be a game changing event for a small business.  A celebrity’s fans can take a product of service to new heights as soon as it is linked to their favorite celebrity.  However, if the endorsement is not genuine, it can end up costing the small business a lot of money… Read More »

United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Fact Sheet On Discrimination

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a federal agency that is responsible for enforcing federal discrimination laws in the workplace, today released a fact sheet aimed at helping small businesses navigate federal discrimination laws.  The focus of the fact sheet is to simplify the requirements of the law to make them more easily… Read More »

Arbitration Clauses In Employment Contracts

By Charlip Law Group L.C. |

Few people, least of all small business employers, enjoy going to court to resolve issues with others. In employment matters, small business employers often prefer to deal with matters in house, and avoid the expense and sometimes publicity of a trial. However, some matters cannot be handled in house, especially in situations where an… Read More »

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