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Miami is a popular destination for boating. The perfect conditions for boating are often found in the open waters and great weather of the city. While recreational boating or watersports can be enjoyable, serious injuries may occur due to the overcrowding of waterways and negligent boat operators. Boat accidents are not uncommon in Miami. Miami is home to more boat-related accidents than any other city in the United States.

Victims of boating accidents caused by someone else’s negligence as well as the surviving relatives of those who have lost their lives due to water accidents should be aware of their rights. Suing the negligent party may be possible after a boat accident in Miami.

At Charlip Law Group, personal injury lawyer David H. Charlip and our team of Miami boating accident attorneys can help you hold the responsible party accountable for any injuries and negligence. We are ready to help you seek the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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Miami Personal Injury Lawyers at Charlip Law Group Explain the Limitation of Liability Act

The Limitation of Liability Act of 1851 states that a boat owner may file a suit to reduce their liability for an accident up to the vessel’s value. This means that if the boat has little to no value and causes the accident, the owner may owe little to nothing to anyone who is injured in the accident.

The “Limitation Act”, which was enacted by Congress in 1851, protects American shipowners from losing their fortunes due to injury claims.

The boat owner will not be liable for any personal injuries or losses sustained by crew members or passengers onboard a vessel if an accident such as the following happens:

There is no limit on how much a liable party may be required to cover personal injury claims that were filed in the United States. However, a shipowner’s maximum liability is limited to the actual cost of the boat. To be eligible for the protection of the Limitation Act, however, a shipowner must first apply and get approval from the courts. From the day that a written notice is received regarding an intent to bring a claim against them, the boat owner has six months to request Limited Liability.

The courts will also decide if it is possible to prove that the shipowner did not know about the circumstances that led to the accident. The Limited Liability Protection may be denied if it is proven that the shipowner knew of the vessel’s dangers or unseaworthiness, but did not warn the crew.

If you were injured in a boating accident, you have to keep in mind that the shipowner may be protected by the Limitation of Liability Act. This is why having a skilled Miami boat accident lawyer is very important. Charlip Law Group’s team of top-rated Miami attorneys can help. We can examine every detail of your case to establish if it was due to negligence on the part of the shipowner and pursue compensation for your damages.

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Common Boat Accidents in Miami

Florida is one of the most accident-prone states in the United States when it comes to boating. It has at least twice the number of accidents as the next state on the list. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s division of law enforcement regulates Florida’s boaters and waterways the same way as local police departments regulate motor vehicles and roads. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservative Commission’s division of law enforcement creates an annual report on boating accidents which includes the total number of reported boating accidents in Florida each year.

Some of the most common types of boating accidents include:

A boating accident must be reported in Florida if it involves a death, disappearance, injury, or death. You can sustain minor injuries like bumps and bruises which heal quickly or more serious ones such as lacerations, broken bones, or brain injury. Sometimes, injuries may even prove fatal. Serious injuries can result in permanent disability or expensive rehabilitation and even death. 

Families can be financially devastated by severe injuries. You or a family member may have suffered a devastating injury from a personal or boating accident. Charlip Law Group L.C. can assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve. Our team of attorneys has the knowledge and experience it takes to deal with boating accidents. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about your options for settlement.

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Common Causes of Boating Accidents

The state of Florida has more boat-related accidents than any other state in the nation. These accidents are most common in the city of Miami. Ten percent of the boating-related accidents in Florida in 2017, happened in Miami.

The most frequent causes of boating accidents in Miami include:

At Charlip Law Group L.C., our team of lawyers is dedicated to helping victims of boating accidents receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Our team of legal professionals is available to assist you when necessary. We will have expert advice and hard evidence to back up our demand for compensation.

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Different Types of Miami Boating Accident Injuries

Boat operators, passengers, and others can suffer severe injuries in accidents involving boats. Because boats usually move at high speeds, passengers can be more at risk of injuries as they do not have the same safety features cars have such as airbags or seat belts.

The following are some of the most frequent injuries from boat and watercraft crashes:

It can be difficult and complicated to prove responsibility for a boating accident. Contact an experienced attorney at Charlip Law Group L.C. who is knowledgeable about boating accidents immediately.

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Damages a Person Can Recover From a Boat Accident Injury Claim

A boating accident victim in Florida can recover financial damages from the responsible party, just as with any other type of personal injury case. The amount you are able to recover depends on many factors, including how serious your injuries were, whether there is insurance, what caused the accident, the extent of damage done, medical costs incurred, and loss of earning ability.

Boat accident victims can also seek compensation for non-economic injuries. The non-economic injuries include loss of enjoyment, pain, suffering, and emotional distress. The spouse/children may file a claim for the loss of consortium depending on how severe the injuries were.

Damages are the legal name for the amount of money that you will receive following an accident. You should be financially compensated for your damages.

“Economic” damages include:

“Non-economic” damages include:

You may be eligible for additional damages in fatal accident cases such as funeral costs and inheritance loss. Speak to an experienced boat accident attorney in Miami if you have been injured in a boat accident. A skilled lawyer may be able to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Charlip Law Group L.C. has a team of personal injury attorneys who are here to help. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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Because most boating fatalities can be avoided, they are particularly tragic when they happen. If a negligent boater causes the death of another person following a boat accident, they may face liabilities for wrongful death damages.

When a loved one dies in such a tragic way, your world can be turned upside down by unexpected and shocking news. While your loss cannot be replaced just by receiving compensation, it may help ease the financial distress and give you a bit of comfort while you grieve.

In wrongful death cases, there are both economic and non-economic losses. A loss of companionship, for example, is a non-economic injury that can be difficult to quantify in terms of financial value. Charlip Law Group’s team of personal injury lawyers has the skills and experience to communicate this kind of loss to both insurance companies and in court if needed.

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Personal injury cases are subject to strict limitations under Florida law. You have very limited time to seek compensation for your Miami boat accident. Your personal injury case must be filed within four years of the boating accident. If your claim is not filed within four years, you will not be eligible to receive the funds that you are entitled to.

After your boat accident in Miami, it is important that you contact an attorney immediately. A lawyer can help you ensure that no legal technicality stands in your way of getting the compensation you need. Get in touch with our injury lawyers at Charlip Law Group L.C. to discuss your case.

An experienced boat accident lawyer will help you strengthen your case and ensure that all deadlines are met. They also take care of any legal paperwork. If you or your loved ones were hurt while on a boat, while swimming, diving, or fishing in Miami, having a skilled Miami boating accident attorney may be able to help you seek compensation for your injuries.

It is your responsibility to take corrective action within the statute of limitations and file a claim for compensation. A good lawyer may be able to help ensure that you get the best possible outcome. Remember that you could lose your right to sue if your claim is not filed within the four-year deadline for personal injury claims in Florida. You could also gather crucial evidence if your claim is not filed within the deadline.

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Seeking the Help of an Experienced Miami Boat Accident Lawyer at Charlip Law Group L.C.

Boating accidents can make a fun day on the open waters into an unpleasant experience. It is important that you hold another boater responsible if they hit or cause your injuries in any other way.

You must take the necessary steps to protect your legal rights. It is crucial to act quickly after a boating accident. The Miami boat accident lawyers at Charlip Law Group L.C. will evaluate your case to determine your right to compensation. We’ll take care of your boat accident claim while you concentrate on your recovery and family. Our team can help you negotiate with your insurance company, file personal injury, or wrongful death lawsuits in Miami, and walk you through each step.

Call Charlip Law Group L.C. at (305) 354-9313 to speak with a Miami boating accident attorney about your case.

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