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When you purchase a life insurance policy and pay your premiums as agreed, you have the right to expect that your designated loved ones will receive the benefits of the policy after your death. In many cases, life insurance payouts proceed as agreed under the policy. However, some life insurance companies have been known to engage in questionable practices that leave beneficiaries without the benefits they deserve. If you have concerns about death benefits under a life insurance policy, do not hesitate to consult with an experienced Miami life insurance attorney at Charlip Law Group, L.C. today.

In a recent segment on 60 Minutes on CBS you may have first learned that audits of leading life insurance companies have uncovered a systematic, industry-wide practice of not paying significant numbers of beneficiaries.  (

Common Life Insurance Issues

Following a loved one’s death, you are likely grieving and focusing on all of the necessary tasks needed to wrap up their affairs. In many cases, a life insurance policy is critical to covering medical bills, paying for funeral and burial expenses, settling debts, or even providing financial support in the absence of the deceased person’s income. Many people take out policies for exactly this reason.

Unfortunately, in a surprising number of cases, beneficiaries may have little to no information about certain life insurance policies, especially if they have never seen the paperwork for the policy. In these cases, when the life insurance company hears of a death, the company should notify the beneficiaries so they can properly make a claim. However, in recent years, many cases have arisen in which life insurance companies knew policyholders had died and neglected to provide family members with any information and refused to acknowledge the existence of a policy. Because no claims were made, no benefits were paid.

In such a situation, insurance companies may argue that, under the terms of a policy, the beneficiaries have the responsibility to make a claim in order to receive benefits. However, Florida insurance laws have provisions to protect consumers who may not be aware of a life insurance policy and impose a duty on insurance companies to investigate such claims.

While you may imagine that life insurance companies should respect their policyholders and be sensitive to the rights of grieving family members, ultimately these companies are businesses focused on their bottom line and trying to minimize liability whenever they can. Our insurance attorneys believe that policyholders should be put first and that beneficiaries fully deserve proper death benefits whether they knew of a policy or not.

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"I had a class action suit to file, and needed to find representation in Florida. My case was complex, and in an industry most people don't know much about. After consultations with two other firms who both declined my case, Charlip Law Group was my next call. David spoke to me personally, and he was the first attorney that actually understood the issue. We had a strong case, and in the end all class members that participated ended up with 100% indemnification and it was no small amount either. Make Charlip your first call."
"A good friend recommend David to me at a moment of need. From our first meeting I hired him as my attorney. Not to know at the time what I had just done. Well after 25 years of handling all my legal matters and belive me their have been a few and in all aspects I am very secure today knowing I have David by my side. Besides being a brillant attorney that he has showen me time after time. I feel confident in him for I know I can trust him. He always puts my best interest first and advices me acording. Today I am proud not just to call him my lawyer because he is my friend."
"David Charlip "Great Smart Lawyer". When it comes to lawyers, I am very critical of their performance. Mr. David Charlip from Charlip Law Group , is a the kind of lawyer you hope to find and rarely do. He is very smart, skilled and knowledgeable about RESPA & TILA rights and foreclosures. He has been defending my case for the last 3 years against predatory lender and still going. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. David Charlip because in two very difficult times he was able to get a favorable outcome . He and his office team makes you feel like you are his VIP client, no question is too small, and he takes as much time as necessary to assist you in successful resolution of your case."
Seffar, Foreclosure Client
"Excellent Attorney. Mr. Charlip's analytical ability and years of experience enable him to provide thoughtful, thorough, and, most importantly, practical legal advice regarding a wide variety of benefit law issues. He listens carefully to client questions and comments and he responds quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at the issue."
Marina, Real Estate Client
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At the Charlip Law Group, L.C. in Miami, we understand how helpless you can feel if an insurance company is refusing to give you the benefits that you deserve. If you feel that you were not paid out on a death benefit or if you know someone who may be facing a similar situation please contact us immediately so we can review the policy. We have many options to help you stand up for your rights to a life insurance company so that you receive the payout that you deserve under your loved one’s policy. Our Miami life insurance attorneys have a thorough understanding of the insurance litigation process and we will always handle your case as efficiently as possible.

If you have a dispute with a life insurance company, please call our office today at (305) 354-9313 for more information about how we can help.

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