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Those that have suffered serious injuries should have the best representation from serious personal injury trial lawyers such as the Florida Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer David H. Charlip. With almost 40 years of trial experience in virtually every kind of personal injury case: auto accident, truck accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, product liability, and bad drugs, Mr. Charlip can give you the quality legal representation that you deserve.

Our law firm helps victims of accidents receive the compensation they deserve. At Charlip Law Group, our personal injury attorneys are well-versed when it comes to personal injury law and dealing with injury cases.

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Who Should I Hire For a Serious Injury Claim?

Experience and expertise matter when managing and prosecuting serious personal injury claims. No matter what the injury, its cause, or the difficulty in proving liability, an insurance claim essentially involves an evaluation by the insurance adjuster of the claim’s value. Claims brought by board-certified trial lawyers who prosecute each claim individually are adjusted differently than claims brought by mass-market advertising law firms warehousing personal injury cases. At Charlip Law Group, LC we treat each case and client with individual care and attention and strive to maximize the settlement value of each case. We neither warehouse personal injury cases nor do we seek to mass market our services to collect such cases for “cash-flow” purposes.

Are Personal Injury Attorneys Necessary?

The most important step is to decide to file a lawsuit. Hiring an attorney is essential after this step. It is possible to make some money on your feet but hiring a personal injury attorney to help you maximize the settlement or award.

Here are some other reasons why hiring an attorney is important:

At Charlip Law Group, our experienced attorneys are able to work with personal injury victims in order to receive the compensation they deserve. Florida injury lawyer David H. Charlip and his team of Miami personal injury attorneys are here to help.

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What Sets Our Personal Injury Lawyers Apart?

Why are we different from other Florida injury law firms? It starts with our personal service and compassion for your loss and pain. At our firm, you are not just one of the thousands of other clients with cases, you are someone we care about on a personal level who trusts in us and help you seek honors and humbles us. We work very hard on your behalf to uphold the trust and confidence you have placed in us to obtain the best result possible for you. To that end, we only accept clients for whom we believe we can obtain a result that will provide them satisfaction and suitable compensation for their losses and injuries.

Fortunately for you, we can offer you the highest level of legal services available. Mr. Charlip was an honors graduate of the University of Florida School of Law, Executive Editor of the Law Review, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, Florida Civil Law Notary, and has over 40 years of civil jury trial experience. There’s a reason we’re ranked among the top personal injury firms in Florida – we’re not afraid to fight in court to get you the largest possible jury verdict or settlement. Our results speak for themselves – our most recent jury trial verdict in a premises liability case was for $5 Million, one of the top 50 verdicts in Florida for 2019 and one of the highest premise liability verdicts in Florida!

From the very beginning, we develop an evidence-driven expert-supported creative, and effective strategy that is designed to achieve a favorable conclusion to your case. Every step of the way, we can be there by your side providing the aggressive yet compassionate support you need.

You can reach a member of our Miami serious injury team now. We offer free case reviews and will evaluate the strength of your case during our initial consultation. These consultations are always free, and we take on serious injury cases based on contingency. This means you pay nothing until—and unless—we recover compensation in your case.

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Our Miami Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

David Charlip adds value to the resolution of your personal injury claim due to:

Personal injury victims deserve to be compensated for the injuries they wrongly suffered. Victims are often faced with overwhelming damages and medical bills. It is important to contact a skilled personal injury who may be able to help them recover the maximum compensation they deserve. Contact us today to skilled a consultation.


Medical management is the medical/legal review of your medical care by the law firm with the goal of making sure you receive quality, consistent and properly progressive medical care both to maximize your ability to recover from your injuries in as an efficient, inexpensive and painless manner as possible coupled with the oversight necessary to make sure the medical records accurately document your medical care, your injuries and reflect a reasonable and logical course of necessary treatment and care.

Every case is different and every injury heals and gets worked-up based upon the plaintiff’s medical care and recovery progress. That said, the average case usually requires between 4-6 months of treatment and medical visits before the plaintiff reaches what is called “maximum medical improvement”. That is the point where no further therapy, injections or medical intervention short of surgery will improve the injury symptoms or progress. It is at that point, a physician can evaluate the plaintiff’s disability and assign a disability rating. It is important to wait until that point before attempting to settle the case so that any settlement reached is based upon the full progress of the injury and recognizes the plaintiff’s permanent injuries.

No. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. You should speak with the lawyer and get a sense if he or she is someone you trust and is someone you can work with. You should speak with the law firm staff and get a sense of whether they are responsive and able to give your case the time and attention it deserves. You should evaluate the lawyer’s reputation, years of experience, credentials, expertise, awards and achievements. While a settlement of say $400,000 in a serious personal injury case may seem like alot, without knowing or understanding the facts of that particular case, you cannot know whether that settlement was a good or bad result. The case might have actually been worth $1,000,000. For those reasons, settlement amounts contained in signs and advertisements should not be of any importance in deciding which law firm to retain for your case.

Board certification recognizes attorneys’ special knowledge, skills and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice. Established in 1982 by the Florida Supreme Court, board certification helps consumers identify specialists in various areas of law. Certification provides an objective measure that a potential client can rely upon when selecting a lawyer. When you hire any professional, expertise matters – you don’t go to a family practitioner physician to evaluate and treat a suspected cancer. Similarly, when hiring a serious personal injury attorney, it will not cost you any more to hire a specialist recognized by the Florida Bar as a civil trial expert.

No. A lawyer can bring suit on your auto accident case the same day you retain him. Most firms will wait until you finish treating and then attempt to settle the case on a pre-suit basis. The business model of many plaintiff’s law firms is to settle most, if not all, of their car crash cases presuit, without ever filing the cases or ever taking any cases to trial. At Charlip Law Group, LC, our reputation with the insurance companies is that we file our cases early and we take cases we can’t settle for maximum value to a jury trial. We believe that such an approach benefits all of our clients because the insurance companies take us seriously and know that we will pursue our clients’ claims through every level of the judicial system.

Yes you can. First, determining the cause of an accident is often very difficult and is best left to experienced accident reconstruction experts and serious personal injury civil trial lawyers. Any seasoned plaintiff’s lawyer knows that if you eliminate all the ways you potentially can lose a case, you can only have a successful outcome. For that reason, part of advancing your case involves minimizing any potential claims that you were contributorily negligent. A lawsuit requires proof and evidence. Your lawyer will assemble that evidence and evaluate what it ultimately can be utilized to prove. You should always let a well-qualified legal professional evaluate whether it makes sense to pursue your claim. You will pay no attorney’s fee if there is no recovery so consulting with a lawyer is always a high value proposition.

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"I had a class action suit to file, and needed to find representation in Florida. My case was complex, and in an industry most people don't know much about. After consultations with two other firms who both declined my case, Charlip Law Group was my next call. David spoke to me personally, and he was the first attorney that actually understood the issue. We had a strong case, and in the end all class members that participated ended up with 100% indemnification and it was no small amount either. Make Charlip your first call."
"A good friend recommend David to me at a moment of need. From our first meeting I hired him as my attorney. Not to know at the time what I had just done. Well after 25 years of handling all my legal matters and belive me their have been a few and in all aspects I am very secure today knowing I have David by my side. Besides being a brillant attorney that he has showen me time after time. I feel confident in him for I know I can trust him. He always puts my best interest first and advices me acording. Today I am proud not just to call him my lawyer because he is my friend."
"David Charlip "Great Smart Lawyer". When it comes to lawyers, I am very critical of their performance. Mr. David Charlip from Charlip Law Group , is a the kind of lawyer you hope to find and rarely do. He is very smart, skilled and knowledgeable about RESPA & TILA rights and foreclosures. He has been defending my case for the last 3 years against predatory lender and still going. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. David Charlip because in two very difficult times he was able to get a favorable outcome . He and his office team makes you feel like you are his VIP client, no question is too small, and he takes as much time as necessary to assist you in successful resolution of your case."
Seffar, Foreclosure Client
"Excellent Attorney. Mr. Charlip's analytical ability and years of experience enable him to provide thoughtful, thorough, and, most importantly, practical legal advice regarding a wide variety of benefit law issues. He listens carefully to client questions and comments and he responds quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at the issue."
Marina, Real Estate Client

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The attorneys at our firm bring many years of training and experience to the practice of law. Our multi-lingual staff will deal with your issues promptly. We are conveniently located in Miami-Dade County. Our South Florida location allows us to serve our clients in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties; throughout Florida and the United States.

Our primary goal – is high-quality, innovative legal work based on the cutting edge of the law that places the client’s needs first and wins cases. Throughout our legal career, Charlip Law Group LC has always advanced and secured clients’ interests with high integrity by adapting and even helping create laws for our client’s unique circumstances and positions.

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