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Foreclosure Defense

Renting Out A Property In Foreclosure

Renting out a property in foreclosure involves leasing a property that is undergoing repossession by the lender due to the homeowner’s inability to make mortgage payments. This option allows homeowners to generate income and potentially

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Business Law

Assignment Of Rents And Commercial Mortgages

Navigating the complexities of commercial mortgages and their potential foreclosure can be daunting for any business owner. When it comes to assignments of rents, the legal landscape becomes even more intricate. In this article, we

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Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure Defense And Appraisal Fraud

Appraisal fraud has long been a concern for potential home buyers, as it can lead to devastating financial consequences, including foreclosure. When a home’s value is artificially inflated, buyers may end up borrowing more than

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Surplus Funds After A Foreclosure Sale

Most people who find themselves in foreclosure do not anticipate having any money left over after their home is sold.  Some may even expect that the bank will pursue the difference between the sale price

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Foreclosure Following Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can be a way for a struggling homeowner to get a fresh start.  Most of a filer’s debts are eliminated or at least made manageable following the close of a bankruptcy case. 

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Owing The Bank After A Foreclosure

Having a home taken away in a foreclosure can a stressful and devastating event for most homeowners. However, the stress of going through a foreclosure can be compounded when the homeowner discovers that the bank

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