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Foreclosure Defense

False Hope: Loan Modification And Dual-Tracking

The foreclosure process can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for homeowners. Unscrupulous practices, such as dual tracking and predatory lending and foreclosure further exacerbate this situation by taking advantage of vulnerable homeowners facing the

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Foreclosure Stripping

The foreclosure process can be difficult for the homeowner who is about to lose his home.  There may be feelings of anger against the bank that is foreclosing on the home, as well as a

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Who Is A Mortgage Loan Servicer?

Usually, when homeowners take out mortgages, they deal with the lender directly, and then the loan is later transferred to a third party known as a loan servicer. The loan servicer handles the collection of

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Financial Impact Of A Foreclosure

One of the greatest fears that a person has when facing foreclosure, other than the fear of losing their home, if the long-term effect of the foreclosure on their financial life, especially their credit score

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Temporary Fix For Avoiding Foreclosure

Facing temporary money problems can lead homeowners to miss mortgage payments and eventually get behind on their mortgage.  Situations such as illness, unemployment or natural disasters can all be temporary problems that can cause a

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Mortgage Settlements And Homeowners

Another large bank, HSBC, agreed to a settlement amounting to $420 million for past mortgage origination, servicing, and foreclosure abuses.  Some of these funds are expected to go directly to an estimated 6,400 homeowners who

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