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Keeping The Customer Happy

A small business’ relationship with its customers can sometimes make or break the small business.  Word of mouth, internet reviews, and reports to a regulating board can positively or negatively affect a business tremendously today,

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Employer Liability For Employee Actions

One aspect of business ownership that is sometimes forgotten when a small business owner goes into business for himself is that the business can become legally responsible for some of the actions of his employees. 

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Using A Celebrity In Advertising

Endorsements by celebrities can be a game changing event for a small business.  A celebrity’s fans can take a product of service to new heights as soon as it is linked to their favorite celebrity. 

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Keeping The Protection Of An LLC

One of the key protections offered by a limited liability corporation (LLC) business structure is the protection the business owner receives with regard to his or her personal assets in the event of a lawsuit

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