Why You Need an Attorney If You’re Injured on a Cruise?

Last updated on: May 31, 2022
Cruise Ship Injury Attorney

Cruises are every pleasurable and offer you a comfortable break from the stresses of day-to-day living. You can get on a large ship, enjoy the luxury of your surroundings, the beautiful views of the sea, and spend your time in absolute bliss. You trust the cruise service providers to make sure your environment is safe for you and provide the right protections to help avoid injuries or problems.

However, accidents can happen and sometimes these occur due to the negligence of the crew and company. You need a skilled and experienced attorney to help you if you’re injured on the cruise because:

1. If the injury is caused by their negligence, you deserve compensation.

Cruise ships are designed to provide a safe environment and most crews are trained to ensure tourists and guests aren’t injured during the trip. The ship should also have emergency medical supplies and staff to help people that are injured or sick during the trip. Unfortunately, if the safety standards aren’t maintained and you are injured because of it, you will endure pain, discomfort, and possibly have to extend your leave in order to recover. All of these things can have serious personal and financial consequences so you deserve compensation. An experienced attorney will help you get that compensation.

2. The cruise ship company will have lawyers.

The cruise ship company will have lawyers on call and they will be experienced in handling maritime personal injury cases. Their goal is to negotiate with you and bring down the compensation amount as much as they can. They might even try to shift the blame and avoid the responsibility of compensation entirely.

Guests and tourists can often become intimidated by lawyers and don’t know what kind of compensation they’re likely to get. Because of this, they are more likely to settle for a lower amount or drop the case entirely. A lawyer you consult on your own will help prevent that and offer you knowledge legal support. They’ll explain the laws that exist for your benefit and safety, and calculate the right compensation amount for you.

3. Your lawyers will build your case.

Your lawyers will build your personal injury case by talking to witnesses, looking at any photos or video footage, and examining the scene of the accident. They will review any legal documents applicable to your case and help to manage your medical care and assemble your medical records, bills and case evidence. Once they have information, they will prepare a demand for compensation and advise you on what amount of compensation to seek. They will also ensure you’re not intimidated by the legal team and coerced into settling for a lower amount.

If you have any legal concerns related to a cruise vacation or are injured on a dock ship or off of a cruise ship while on a cruise vacation, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Charlip Law Group, LC (305) 354-9313 or (888) 815-1418. You can also contact us through our online form at www.CharlipLawGroup.com.

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